As part of the Kasanka Baboon Project mission in the empowerment of women we devote a lot of time to working with our girls and raising money for school tuition

The Sarah Darlene Hogle Girls Scholarship Fund:

The Sarah Darlene Hogle Scholarship Fund was established by Anna in 2012 in memory of her dear friend Sarah. The scholarship provides funding to send female students to complete grades 10 – 12. On average it costs $700 per year to send a student to high school in Zambia. This fee includes room and board, tuition, uniforms, books and school supplies, and transportation to and from boarding school during holiday breaks.

Our first recipient, Leah Mwamba, began her first term of tenth grade in February 2013. She is nearing the end of her first academic year and is doing great. She regularly sends us personal updates along with her exam scores and other relaevant material

We have just picked our second recipient for the SDH scholarship, Nancy Chola. Nancy completed grade 10 with the help of her family. Her father is a volunteer community educator in her local village Chalilo. As he donates his time for free he is no longer able to pay for Nancy's education. Nancy is especially bright in math and science and we are certain that she will continue to thrive.

Girls Science Club:

The Kasanka Baboon Project has been instrumental in setting up a Science, Maths and Conservation Club for Girls in the local area. With lessons held twice weekly at the Conservation Centre, the aim is to improve the girl’s science, maths and English skills, whilst teaching them about conservation, and giving them life skills such as first aid and computer ability.The project also works closely with the local school, Kafinda Basic, teaching English to Grades 8 and 9, and offering a Summer School thrice yearly to underachieving students.


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