Blog #11

The Girl’s Overnight to Kinda

Written by Kasanka Baboon Project Womens Science Club

It was on the 19


September when we went to Kinda Camp. We started off from Mulaushi around 14hrs when Bastiaan the driver came to pick us up. When we reached Kinda, Liz welcomed us all and gave us water and tea. After we went to see some sitatungas on a simple ladder within Kinda’s surrounding area. After, we all went into the bush to learn about animal tracks. We learnt a lot of things; how one can identify which animal has passed, whose droppings are whose and lots of other things


Watching the baboons


Bastiaan teaching us about animal tracks

After all this, we came back to camp where we had lots of fun. Around 19.30 we had dinner, and afterwards watched a movie and went to sleep.


Cooking dinner


 The finished meal

Very early in the morning we went on a game drive where we saw lots of animals; sitatunga, warthog, bushbuck, baboons and so on. We also saw birds flying in the sky. When we came back from the game drive we had breakfast, and afterwards received a certificate each saying we had completed the animal tracks course. Around 11.00hrs we left Kinda and set off for home.


The start of the game drive   



After receiving our certificates