BLOG – 29th MAY 2012

By: Liz Winterton


In the early hours of May 24th, a black baby was born to …. This brings our grand total to 5 so far this year, with 3 white, 1 grey and 1 black. Although yet to all be named, all the babies seem to be healthy and are getting more adventurous every day, with some even starting to try and climb the smaller trees. The slightly older babies are now starting to ride on their mum’s backs, and Cash is even going for a ride with Mr Wizard.


Cash, Clover's Infant


Hope with her 1 day old infant Helen


Roseanne's baby Rhianna


Norah with her VERY white infant Nalu


As we are now well into the dry season poachers are starting to burn the forests to make poaching easier. In an effort to combat this, and minimise the devastating effects an out of control fire could have on the flora and fauna of Kasanka, we are currently undergoing a period termed ‘early burning’ whereby fire breaks are slashed and controlled fires started. 

Surprisingly, the baboons seem to be in their element, congregating along the freshly burnt patches scavenging for insects, and using the open view to socialise and relax. 



On Saturday 26th May Kasanka held their Annual MTB Challenge. This year we had over 80 entrants competing in 3 races; 3km, 22km and 53km. Rather foolishly I decided I should compete in the 53km race, so early on Saturday morning I was standing in the cold at the Conservation Centre ready to set off. 


After nearly 5 hours of cycling (I’m very slow!), walking through a swamp, crossing a tree bridge and walking to the top of ‘tough guy’s hill’, I finally finished, predictably, in last place! Although absolutely exhausting, it was a fantastic event and I definitely recommend it for all you budding cyclists next year. A big congratulations to the winner, Stephen Wells, who completed the course in an incredible 2 hours 10 minutes.