It is officially elephant season here at Kinda Camp. The monkey oranges are ripe and the elephants are back. It is strange to only have a few glimpses of them for 6 months and then have them visiting several times a week. Unfortunately elephants go wherever they want and do whatever they want. While I was away in Lusaka after Shayna’s send off the elephants stuck around for several days. Unfortunately they came so close to the reed structure that Kingston and Desmond sleep that Kingston was forced to fire a shot again.
I have been informed that a good way to keep elephants away without having to fire shots, which I prefer to avoid, is to make bricks with elephant dung and crushed chili peppers. Once fired they can be placed in a fire and burn for several hours keeping the elephants at bay.
I was about to post this when I heard that while I was away my scout Kingston was being harassed by elephants. He radioed the lodge to say that he was worried about my things (video camera, GPS, etc…) as the elephant was tossing it into the air! He failed to tell me this story.