Coming into this project I had decided that I would name the baboons after people I know. I usually used a nickname. I quickly realized that this was a bad idea when the baboons were mating inappropriately. A few of the baboons were already named so will remain with human counterparts. Two adult baboons seem to be following the monogamous mores of western (but not Utahan) culture, at least for the moment. MJ is an adult female baboon who has a male juvenile named Mowgly, a new infant named Madonna and a male “friend” named Mr. Wizard. I don’t actually know anyone named Mr. Wizard by the way. It is a nickname. Mr. Wizard is MJ’s constant companion. He follows her around, grooms her often, and when allowed grooms Madonna. Sometimes he is so clingy that MJ gets annoyed and tries to ditch him. MJ is a very attentive mother and Mr. Wizard is enamored with MJ, which makes them in an anthropomorphic way similar to their human counterparts.