Kinda Males and Infants
At the moment we have 11 dependent infants in our group. No females are cycling and males have time to concentrate on things besides mating. We are seeing lots of plays as the infants together are learning to climb, jump, and wrestle. We are also seeing a tremendous amount of male grooming to adult females, juveniles, and infants.  Jojo likes our new female infant Bela and her mom Beth. Beth does not seem fazed when Jojo comes to collect Bela, awkwardly carry her 10 meters away and begin to groom her. Muma, our dominant male has a special affinity for Lady Godiva and her infant Robin and Gipsy and her infant Guthrie. Axel, Nina, and Prince all tend to be near Mr. Cookies, and Mr. Wizard won’t leave MJ and baby Madonna’s side. Every day an adult male surprises me.