If I believed in hell ,my personal hell would be riding from Lusaka to Kasanka and back again over and over. In a Zambian bus. At night.
 I can’t figure out why they don’t play any music on the day buses but on the night buses as soon as the sun goes down they turn the music is turned all the way up. Loud Zambian gospel music!! This last ride was particularly comfortable as I was sitting on a broken seat that was tilting forward and the speaker above my head was malfunctioning so that the music wasn’t only deafening but it was crackling.
No one ever asks for them to turn it down. Am I the only one who hates this? Other people must want to sleep too, right? Why does everyone put up with it? Is it to keep the driver awake as he zooms in and out of lanes at 140 km/hour. Is it so we become so deaf and numb we don’t dare complain?
I will take day buses for the next several months ntil I forget how awful the night buses are and treat myself to the experience again.