Today I delivered the school supplies I bought in Lusaka a few weeks ago with the money that  Cosgriff Elementary School( raised for this purpose and with additional funds from the fundraisers I held in November in St. Louis and Salt Lake City. It was fantastic. The kids were smiling, singing, and dancing. The teachers were ecstatic and the parents were emotional. It is amazing how much a simple pencil and a notebook can create such joy.  

The school had organized an entire ceremony to welcome me, say thanks and receive the supplies. The conservation, science and art clubs let the show. They had rehearsed and prepared a number of songs and local dances to perform. Numerous students also recited poems, essays, and testimonials as to how the school supplies will help them and how they care about nature and conservation. A number of students also performed a skit about poaching and the negative affects it has on the community, the animals, and the poacher’s family. It was astounding, beautiful and very emotional. After the ceremony, I, along with the headmaster Mr. Kulofwa, presented the materials to the students. Mind you this was all outside under a tree. The school has 750 students and three classrooms. The school house has no windows and just a few tales in each room. The teachers and students were ecstatic. New crayons, water colors, markers, chalk, pencils, pens, notebooks and various other supplies were part of the donation. Then the teachers presented me with a gift of two very large locally grown pumpkins and a 3 foot plastic bag filled with fresh ground nuts (peanuts).  To end the ceremony the students helped to carry all of the materials to the school store house.

We have put some of the photographs of the event on our website and next time I have a good internet connection I will make sure to post some of the video we recorded. I can’t wait to return to the school to watch the students in session and to help with the after school programs. I also can’t wait to deliver them more supplies and needed equipment. We also delivered the same materials to Chalilo School however did not get to meet the children.

Don’t forget to visit our website check out what we are doing and to donate:  Our next goal is to raise funds to purchase scrabble games, footballs, and netballs for the two schools.