Every week or so since I started working at Kasanka and living at Kinda Camp I have showed the guys (meaning scout, Desmond, camp attendant, and anyone else around) a movie. I brought the BBC nature series Planet Earth and Life. David bought me Life of Mammals, Life of Birds, and In Cold Blood. I thought these films would be perfect, a way to allow everyone to see nature, animals and the world. I think I was a bit naïve. They enjoy the nature films and I often watch them with them. In January however (6 months into my stay here), Desmond had the courage to ask if they could watch a film instead. Silly me, of course they want a film. I searched through my movies and was hard pressed to find one that didn’t show any type of sexual scene. I knew I couldn’t sit next to them and watch this. I have a bunch of classic 80’s films but even “Can’t Buy Me Love” has a “make-out scene", not visual but the dialogue is enough to make me hesitate. 
The quandary…I resigned myself to picking a film, pressing play and retiring to my tent. So far this seems to be working well. They can enjoy the film, talk as much as they want and feel completely comfortable. I also discovered they like action films with lots of fighting and explosions. Tonight? Inception, with Leonardo Dicaprio.