I am no longer at war with the ants, at least for now. Instead I am having a small battle with a mouse. I know it is strange that I am here, not worried about elephants or snakes so much, and have a fear of mice and rats. Not mice in the bush but mice in enclosed spaces. Last week a mouse chewed a hole in my tent. I woke up to it chewing on plastic. That’s right plastic. They also eat bars of soap! The mice here are bionic. I had one eat half of a cup (the bottom part) in June. From Peace Corps volunteers I have heard that in their huts they can hear them all night chewing on buckets and blankets. THIS is the reason I live in a bug proof sealed safari tent. I don’t like being in enclosed spaces with furry little creatures. The night it came into my tent it was 1am. As my tent is constructed backwards (another story in itself) it zips from the top down. How was I going to get this creature out? I chased it around and I swear it was going to leap on my face. It finally went out the hole it came in. 
Two nights ago it was back but I heard it and saw it before it got in. I scared it off. The next morning I saw where it had chewed some of the duct tape where I “fixed” the hole. Needless to say I am sleeping with one eye open.