Good question. One thing that I have learned during my months in the field is increased patience and the ability to not let the little things get to me. I hope that these qualities stick once I am back in the concrete jungle

In the western world we have become so proficient in the use of technology it is hard to think back to a time when we didn't know how to use a computer.

As I intend the Kasanka Baboon Project to be a long term research site I have been thinking for several months about how I can keep the site up and running while I am back in the states finishing up my degree. Certain grants I am applying for will determine the definition of what “up and running” is. In this vein I have decided to teach my scouts and Desmond how to use the computer. Basic things to us such as downloading pictures, creating a simple spreadsheet, or writing an email can be overwhelming when you are George who has only used a type writer and Desmond who learned typing once a week in high school (5 years ago).

Lesson one? Begin with the basics. How do you turn on a computer, how do you navigate the mouse, how do you open a document, how do you save, how to you fix errors etc… George and I had our first lesson this morning and I think it went great. A bit overwhelming for him but it just takes lots of practice. I have no doubt he will take to the computer well. He said he enjoyed it very much. 
My brother Willy is coming out for a month in late May. He will spend three days a week at the schools working with the science, conservation and art clubs. The rest of the time he will send at Kinda Camp working with the guys on the computer. 
What will I do when all my staff becomes computer proficient with bulging bank accounts? Surely they will move on to greener pastures. I will start again I suppose.