Apparently I don’t know. The other night I was sitting in my main Nsaka writing up my notes for the day and finishing dinner when I heard loud, big crashes just outside. Hmmm….my scout must have heard that I thought. Surely he is on his way. Between the crashes I heard this noise. It is hard to explain in words but something between a loud purring and a rumble. For about 3 minutes I thought it was a leopard. A leopard who had just taken down my resident sitatunga. In some ways a much safer scenario.
It has been so many months since the elephants have been in camp that I forgot what they sound like. When you are close you can hear this whirring vibration that they make. That is what I as hearing. Once I realized this then what to do next. Go for the tent or wait it out. Luckily they didn’t stick around too long and I slept fine.