I have a somewhat serious allergy to bees. I never really know exactly how I will react so I have an epi-pen at site just in case. Monday morning, while out with the baboons, I was swatting away the regular pesky tsetse flies and was stung by a bee. On the forehead. I went for my Benadryl in my bag and then we stayed out with the baboons for another hour. I obviously wasn’t having a lethal reaction. It did hurt and it did start to swell. Not until early the next morning was the full swelling apparent. I woke to find my face swollen beyond recognition and my eyes small slits. I had become a manimal. 

I learned days later from the park manager that I should not have let my scout pull out the sting because as he did it he likely pushed more venom into my forehead. He advised that next time I should scrape it off with my knife. Lesson learned