This post strays a bit from News at Kinda Camp but lies close to my heart. In the chiBemba language Amaka Sana means “very strong”. My mother is Amaka Sana. She is the strongest woman I know. Today she finished her third of four rounds of chemotherapy to fight and kill her breast cancer. Through this entire ordeal each of us has broken down several times. My mother, Mary Jane, means the world to our family and she is the glue that binds us. Although we are scared and worried and she is scared too she has stayed strong. In fact she is often the one whispering words of comfort. She has the most amazing spirit and joy of life and it is infectious. It is hard to be in Zambia with my mother so far away but she continues to fight and stay strong. Our weekly phone conversations let me know she is as alive as ever. Thank you Mom for being so very very strong.