Arriving from France, Roxane is the current project manager of Kinda Camp. Now 26 years-old, it is her third experience as a research assistant in Africa. Her love of biology led her to enter an engineer school of agriculture in 2010, following high school. However due to her fondness of scientific research and wild life management, she decided to prolong her studies and started a master in Nature and Forest Conservation at the Dutch University of Wageningen. It is there that she developed her deep interest in the primatology field, thanks to an internship in parasitology which led her to follow Chacma baboons in South Africa. In order to build up experience, immediately after her graduation in 2016, she postulated for a position in the Congo (DRC) offered by Barbara Fruth, from the Max Plank Institute (Germany). She spent 9 months in the heart of the jungle learning how to observe and collect data from wild bonobos. She happily joined the Kasanka Baboon Project in Zambia, ready to expand her knowledge at the side of Anna Weyher. Delighted so far by her experiences, she is now considering starting a PhD on apes’ behavior once she returns home.

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