Mandy received a BA in Anthropology from Stony Brook University (SBU) where her passion for Biological Anthropology was fostered and she took her first trip to Africa with the Turkana Basin Institute Field-school. Upon graduating from SBU she was granted the position of Field Manager with the Filoha Hamadryas Project in Ethiopia. At this time Mandy knew she wanted to continue studying baboons (Papio species).  She then attended Hunter College, CUNY, and obtained her MA in Anthropology, where she focused on ecological niche modeling of the genus Papio. Currently, Mandy is a PhD student in Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in the Comparative Primatology Laboratory. Her main interests include baboon evolution, ecology and biogeography. More specifically, she is interested in movement ecology and spatial memory of baboons. In Summer 2018 she joined KBP for her pre-dissertation research which is focusing on spatial memory, habitat use, and gut microbiome diversity in Kinda baboons. She will return to Kinda Camp for her dissertation research in the upcoming years. In her free time, she runs a non-profit, grassroots scholarship project for vulnerable and orphaned secondary school students in Ruarwe, Malawi. Mandy is also a surfer, rock climber, and photographer. 

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