About Me

Hi, my name is Kennedy, and I am the third ranking male in the troop. I am generally a very relaxed baboon and I only vocalize when my mates are nearby. Due to my peaceful nature, I avoid fights with the other males and instead choose to watch them from a distance. I have also been known to cooperate well with sub-adults and juveniles that I am not related to, which is a unique trait for an adult male baboon. Although I am calm, I am also brave and I am not shy or afraid of the scouts and researchers that follow the troop. One day that the researchers were observing me I proved how brave I truly am; when a pack of dogs attacked our troop, I alone led them away from everyone to keep them safe. Thankfully I made it out of this heroic encounter without any serious injuries. Due to being a lower ranking male, I have a smaller family than Simon and Garfunkel do. My mates are Helen and Rhianna and my children are Harper and Rembrandt, but I am especially fond of Rhianna and Rembrandt.

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