About ME

Hi, my name is Garfunkel, and I am the boss of this troop. I am well known for being the most talkative baboon and I frequently grunt to my mates, my children and others. I have also been referred to as the “shepherd” of my troop, because I always try to herd my family together so I can keep a protective eye them all. Despite my good intentions however, my family doesn’t particularly like my herding behaviors because they are all very independent individuals. Speaking of my family; my mates are Whitney, Nora, Dolly, Hope, Katy, Holly, Ella, Aretha and Tina and my children are Freddy, Huey, Ray, Tsotsi, Wendy, Kelly, Amos and Tracy. When I am not busy protecting my family, I thoroughly enjoy getting groomed by my mates and playing with my children who jump all over me.

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